Authenticate and Engage

Integrate invisible code in brand packaging

Let’s unpack this.

Think out-side of the box

Your packaging holds the key

Integrate cryptographic signatures on your product packaging

Pack and Play

Create a crypto-signature for your product packaging in just 24 hrs

Invisible. Invincible.

Its so seamless, its invisible.

Invisible cryptographic signature on product packaging

Packed with experiences

Consumers scanning the product packaging can be shown any web based material including videos, AR and VR using our anti counterfeit solutions.

We’ve done this a billion times.

Deployed on more than a billion packages

This changes everything.

Except your production process.

Anti-Counterfeit solutions can be deployed with no change to the printing process, ink, printers, scanners or packaging artwork

One sign fits all

A single invisible crypto-signature can be used for all types of anti-counterfeit packaging and materials including blisters, bottles and packs

Make every inch matter

The invisible crypto-signature can be enabled across every inch of the packaging, rendering it impossible to remove or wear out

Don’t get stuck with stickers

Holograms and stickers are subject to replication, reuse, removal. Our anti-counterfeit solution using crypto signature isn’t

Point and Shoot to nail fakes

To detect counterfeit products, verify the crypto-signature on product packaging easily with a smartphone camera.

Power to the people

Put trust in the consumers hands, literally.

it’s time to pack up.

Untouchable security Touchless scanning

Customers can easily scan any part of the product

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Add the power of our invisible crypto-signatures to your product packaging - driving consumer trust and experience.

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    If you are new to anti-counterfeit solutions:

    • What is a counterfeit product?

      A counterfeit product is a fake version of an original product. It is made to look like the real thing, but it is usually of inferior quality. Counterfeit products can be found in many different industries, including fashion, luxury goods, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

    • How big of a problem is counterfeiting?

      Counterfeit products are a global menace that has been on the rise over the past few decades.
      Even as anti-counterfeit technologies evolve to combat the rampant counterfeit sector, the manufacturers of counterfeit products are adopting similar technologies to combat them too.
      Businesses are strongly advised to make use of anti-counterfeit solutions to maximize protection from fakes.

    • Why do people counterfeit products?

      There are many reasons why people might counterfeit products. Some counterfeiters do it for financial gain, while others may be producing fake products as a way to undermine the original brand. Whatever the reason, counterfeiting can have serious consequences for both businesses and consumers.

    • What is the difference between an anti-counterfeit solution and a brand protection solution?

      An anti-counterfeit solution is a tool that you can use to protect your brand from counterfeiters. A brand protection solution is a broader term that refers to a variety of solutions that you can use to protect your brand. This may include anti-counterfeit solutions, as well as other solutions such as trademark protection and copyright protection. Read more about our anti-counterfeit solutions