Connected to Experiences

Customized. For Customers.

Our connected packaging technology converts your product into a digitally enhanced experience that customers can activate with a simple scan. From AR/VR, authentication, videos, previews, contests and offers - everything comes with the package!

smart product packaging - ennoventure

Just scan

One tiny action

Many big benefits

User. Experience.

Make consumers expect the exceptional

The consumer is inundated with choices. Make your product memorable by delivering digital experiences and content when consumers scan your product packaging.

Touch. Feel.

Market the moment

The best time to deliver a marketing message is when consumers are having your product in their hand. Convert an interested consumer into a customer by delivering a wow factor right when they are in touch with your brand, literally.

Counter. Counterfeits.

Build trust by giving power

Give the consumer an easy and instant way of checking the authenticity of your products, with just a mobile scan. With virtually no learning curve, the consumer is delighted to feel the power balance shift in their favour.

Real. Deal

The package seals the deal

Consumers can instantly unlock dynamic discounts and offers by simply scanning your product packaging. Get a powerful way of swinging the decision in your brands’ favour right when the consumer is deciding to buy.

Mass. Market

Engagement at scale

Our connected packaging  technology works seamlessly even if you are shipping billions of products. Provide one-to-one engagement with your customers, at scale. Our product dashboard gives you data on engagement per location and product. Extend conversations with your customers through our connected packaging solutions.

Program. Loyalty.

Rewarding relationships

The best time to reward a customer is when they are going to buy your product. Reinforce positive behavior by giving incentives and thanking consumers with exclusive content, sneak peeks and previews.

Customer. Lifetime. Value.

Show them you mean good

Today’s consumer is interested in knowing about your brands social behavior – from recycling to support for diversity. The best time to talk about this is when your product is in their hands. Build your brand beyond the transaction and win the customer for life.