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Anti-counterfeit & Connected packaging solutions

Add invisible cryptographic signatures to product packaging, which can be detected by smartphones to unlock authentication and engagement use cases.

Smart packaging

Make analog packages digital, enabling interactions with customers. This enables cross selling, management of loyalty programs and gamification.

Anti- counterfeit

Identify authentic products ranging from pharmaceutical drugs, consumer goods to luxury products.

Connected Packaging

Customized interaction across the value chain providing rich data on consumer interactions.

Global tracking

Identify locations where original or fake goods are sold or delivered and identify cross border sales.

Customer engagement tool

Deeper customer engagement across all categories of the brand.

Warranty management

Protect the integrity of consumer electronics warranty management preventing fraudulent warranty claims.

Carbon footprint

Remove paper instruction booklets and enable
e-leaflet .

Accessible packaging

Make packaging friendly for the visually impaired.

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Add the power of our invisible crypto-signatures to your product packaging - driving consumer trust and experience.