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Anti-counterfeit solutions for automotive parts

Don't let counterfeit automotive parts wreak havoc on your vehicle. Our cutting-edge anti-counterfeit solutions ensure that fake automotive products stay firmly behind you, never to catch up in your rear view mirror!

Revolutionizing Product Labels with our Invisible Signatures

Discover how our invisible signatures are transforming the way we think about product labels. In this video, we explore how these labels can go beyond basic information by becoming a powerful tool against counterfeit products.

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Ennoventure got listed among the 3 finalists in the Akamai $1M Future of Life Online Challenge.

Shalini Nair speaks on the issue of counterfeiting in the Tech Podcast Series

Watch Shalini Nair, our Co-Founder and Board Director, speak on the issue of counterfeiting, the company profile and more

Battle against counterfeits

This World Anti-counterfeiting Day, let's pledge to do what's needed to eradicate the menace of counterfeiting.

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