At Ennoventure, we offer solutions to help brands protect themselves from counterfeiters.

Some of the frequently asked questions by our customers that will help you make informed decisions about anti counterfeit solutions.

  • Authentication
    Can Ennoventure customize anti-counterfeit solutions for specific brands?

    Yes. Our core solution is fine tuned for specific brand requirements. As part of our core solution, we integrate our client’s branding into a customized channel- microsite and app.

  • Branded solutions
    Can Ennoventure provide branded anti-counterfeit solutions for specific products?

    Yes. We integrate our clients’ brand colors and logos into a custom webpage or mobile app. In addition, we also customize the mobile app to suit the user flow that is necessary for the Client to roll it out for their stakeholders. The mobile app will be available on iOS and Android

  • Device Support
    What kind of mobile devices does Ennoventure support for its Counterfeit detection technology?

    We support all smartphones with a capability above 5-megapixel (5MP). We also provide WhatsApp based support for phones.

  • Distribution and Retail
    Can Ennoventure provide a solution only for product distributors and retail stores?

    Yes. We customize branded mobile applications for use by specific stakeholders like distributors or retailers. Our mobile applications are also used by brands for their internal testing, both covert and overt. The customized applications are provided uniquely for the purposes of specific brands.

  • Ecofriendliness
    Are Ennoventures’ fake-detection technology solutions eco friendly? How?

    Yes. Our brand authentication solution reduces the need for any change to the production process, new ink, hardware, or additives. We deploy a fully digital solution that simply adds an invisible signature to the artwork. Also, we aid brands to reduce carbon footprint by removing paper instruction booklet and enabling eLeaflet.

  • Language support
    Does Ennoventure’s solutions support multiple languages?

    Yes. Our anti-counterfeit technology solution is agnostic of language and easily customizable (by providing audio cues) for people who either are less literate or visually impaired.


  • Memberships
    Is Ennoventure part of globally accepted anti-counterfeit organizations?

    Yes. We are members of the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC), PackHub, AMEE(Mexico association of packaging), and EMEA security which focuses on solving and providing solutions to various anti-counterfeit problems. We also continue to actively engage with all stakeholders looking to combat counterfeits, fakes and piracy.

  • Patents
    Is Ennoventure’s counterfeit detection solution patented?

    Yes. Our unique approach is one of a kind and uses a technology process that is patented by Ennoventure.

  • Product scalability
    How many products can be supported by Ennoventure’s anti-counterfeit technology?

    Billions. Our anti-counterfeit solutions have been integrated into a billion packages on the market. This number is growing every quarter as more brands have signed up to deploy our brand authentication solution across their product portfolio.

  • Supply Chain integration
    Where does Ennoventure’s anti-counterfeit solution get integrated into the supply chain?

    At the very beginning of the supply chain. Our solutions are integrated during the design of the product packaging, by integrating our patented invisible code into the packaging graphics. Once integrated, there is no further intervention required through the supply chain.

  • Deployment process
    How is a brand protection solution deployed by Ennoventure?

    The process starts with onboarding the brand within a day, followed up by the final deployment that happens within the stipulated SOP. We even provide go-to-market and promotional campaigns as value-added services for the product. Our customer delivery team specializes in interfacing with Brand managers, Packaging specialists, Legal and regulatory departments, and managing the change requests with the internal tech team.

  • Deployment timelines
    How quickly can Ennoventure’s anti-counterfeit solution be deployed?

    In days. Our solutions can be deployed rapidly because it does not require any changes to the existing factory process or supply chain and does not use any additional hardware. It is very easy to test our solution within your existing system.

  • Hardware specifications
    Do you need any specific hardware or device to detect fakes, while using Ennoventure’s solutions?

    Our anti-counterfeit solution works through the majority of consumer owned smartphones. Our technology is supported through all the major device brands and browsers representing the lion’s share of the consumer market.

  • Downloading the app
    Does Ennoventure’s Anti-counterfeit solutions require the need to download an application?

    No. Our consumer interface can also work with a simple webpage or a social media channel. However, we also provide customized branded mobile applications for high fidelity testing for internal/external stakeholders like distributors, retailers and others in the supply chain.

  • Scan using webpages
    Will Ennoventure provide web pages or mobile applications to enable anti-counterfeit solutions?

    Yes. We also provide the design and development of web pages and mobile applications as a feature of our solutions. Our clients do not need to deploy their internal or external vendors to enable web pages or mobile apps – we can provide a tightly integrated solution that combines our core solution with a well designed web page or mobile app

  • Packaging materials
    What kind of packaging material supports Ennoventure’s anti counterfeit technology solutions?

    Out technology supports the vast majority of popularly used packaging material. Our Anti-counterfeit technology experts can work with your packaging specialists to identify and support your product packaging materials.

  • Packaging customization
    Do you need to change the product packaging graphics or layout to support Ennoventures’ anti-counterfeit solution?

    No. Our anti-counterfeit solution adds an invisible signature to the packaging graphics. This means that there is no need to change the layout of the packaging graphics or layout to accommodate our solution.

  • Security
    How does Ennoventure protect its solutions from being misused, cracked or hacked?

    Our solution is almost impervious to hacking or other attempts to decipher the original integrated invisible signature on product packaging.

  • Offices
    Does Ennoventure have local support in Europe, US and other geographies?

    Yes. Our sales team, who is spread across the US, Europe and Asia can work with Client brands to help adopt Ennoventure’s unique solution within the regional frameworks and regulations, and communicate with stakeholders in those countries.

  • Samples
    Can Ennoventure provide samples of products protected by its Counterfeit detection solutions?

    Yes. We can ship our demo products with our technology enabled.

  • Tracking location
    Can Ennoventures’ technology solution provide the location of detected fakes?

    Yes. We also provide a data-dashboard solution that provides reports on the locations from which the consumers are scanning for brand authentication, with an overlay of success and failure – so that our Client brands can detect the density and distribution of fake products across their supply chain and locations.

  • Specially abled
    Can Ennoventures’ anti-counterfeit technology help visually challenged consumers detect fakes when they buy products?

    Yes. Our brand authentication solution does not need the consumer to specifically scan a particular symbol, which maybe difficult to see on the product brand packaging. We can customize solutions (with audio cues) for brands that want to provide authentication solutions for visually challenged consumers. This can require the use of a mobile application.

  • Verification process
    How do consumers verify a product protected by Ennoventures’ anti-counterfeit protection solutions?

    Consumers can authenticate branded products using Ennoventures’ patented technology, by simply taking a photo of the product or packaging by following a two step instruction. They just need to hold the product in a clear manner and take the photo using their mobile device.

    Can Ennoventures’ solution allow consumers to report fakes or does it do it automatically?

    According to Client preference. If the Client brand wishes to allow consumers to see the result of the brand authentication, and report it manually – it can be done. But our data analytics dashboard automatically logs all the scans done by consumers and shares the location from which those products were verified. This data is made available to the Client.

    Does Ennoventure provide any lifetime warranties for its solutions?

    It’s a subscription model and we support the brand throughout the subscription timeline. However, the brand needs to renew the subscription to further avail our service.

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