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Omni channel brand engagement with brand protection and authentication.


Driving consumer engagement for a mass-market brand that reaches 100Mn homes, with a star brand ambassador with 100Mn social media followers.


A bathroom cleaning care product with over 70% market share in India. The product category has substantial counterfeiting activity.


Meaningful, measurable engagement

Convert the brand ambassadors star power, through a high intensity nationwide prime time TV campaign, into high touch engagement with end-customers. Convey the brand positioning that they care for their customers and ‘protect’ them against fake products, through easy brand authentication.


Engage consumers while reinforcing the message of brand protection and authentication. Create motivation for engagement through novelty and user experience.

This was a mass market product that served all segments. The engagement would need to cut across all socio-economic categories, The brand authentication process needed to be agnostic of language or affluence, and the core message of brand protection should be easy to convey through the user experience.



Ennoventure’s invisible cryptographic scannable signature was embedded into the product packaging at the factory, prior to distribution across the country. Consumers could scan the product packaging through a webpage, to get instant feedback on the authenticity of the product. The invisible signature deters counterfeiting as it cannot be replicated. The cryptographic code ensures that the signature cannot be ‘hacked’. The use of invisible cryptographic code provides an aura of invincibility to the brand protection message – a much more compelling message to previously available alternatives.


Ennoventures’ cloud based secure servers receive the scanned photos of the product packaging and extract and verify the invisible signature – to provide near-instant feedback to consumers. Consumers are delighted to experience the novelty of an invisible signature and the opportunity to engage directly with the brand while the product is in their hands. The brand was able to put the power of brand authentication in the consumers hands.


Once a consumer scans the product packaging, they are given information on whether the product is genuine and rewarded by ‘unlocked’ information and offers. The message of brand protection is conveyed through an easy and intuitive experience and validated by instant feedback. The consumer could experience the peace of mind offered through an instant brand authentication process.


Step 1 – Integrating Ennoventure’s scannable invisible signature

A unique invisible cryptographic signature was added to the brand’s product packaging –
with zero disruption to the factory product packaging process.

The cryptographic signature was invisible and did not need any artwork change, special equipment or ink.

Step 2 – Creating awareness and reach

A high intensity, country wide TV campaign was launched which showed the celebrity brand ambassador talk about using a simple webpage for brand protection and authentication. The celebrity’s mass following on social media accelerated the reach.

Step 3 – High involvement omni channel engagement

The message of brand protection resonated with the consumers. Thousands of consumers used the webpage to scan the product packaging across the country. This included Scans that happened at home, by those who had already purchased the product Scans that happened at shops, during the pre-purchase process


The Enngage effect – Generating first-party, high fidelity data on consumer behavior.

Mobile based engagement

Ennoventure’s Enngage program used a simple webpage to drive engagement, cutting across all socio-economic categories, covering both urban and rural areas across the country. A basic smartphone was enough to engage with the brand and perform a simple action for brand authentication.

Meaningful engagement

The Enngage behavior was superior in quality compared to advertisement impressions or clicks on digital ads. The consumer was holding the actual product in their hands and sending scan photos of the product to the brand. In terms of the time spend, focus and feedback, it was better than just receiving a TV or digital ad impression. The context of brand protection and authentication provided the consumer a compelling reason to engage.

Measurable engagement

• The Enngage program generated first-party data for the brand, regarding the location and nature of the product scans from across the country.

• The scan photos of the product engagement were stored and analysed to provide a real time usage ‘heat map’ on consumer engagement, mapped to actual geographic locations.

• The brand was able to see the different contexts and locations where the scan was done, providing valuable insights into the product usage and moments of engagement.

Measurable engagement

• The dashboard provided data on the type of devices being used, operating systems and other technical data based on the user’s webpage/scan data.

• The brand was able to get data on the presence of non-genuine products, which could be used in fighting counterfeit products.

The brand was able to effectively translate the star power of their brand ambassador along with the reach generated through the TV campaign, to drive high quality engagement with their consumers. In addition, the brand was able to reinforce their ‘care’ positioning by conveying to their consumers that they have a brand authentication solution to protect them from using non-genuine products.


Protect your consumers to engage with them.

Ennoventure’s unique technology brings the following
critical components together for your brand engagement program

• Completely integrated into your product
• No changes to production or artwork
• Integrates digital and offline for an omnichannel engagement strategy
• Provides first party data rich in behavior, location and product data
• Highly usable, mobile first consumer experience
• Cloud based scalable deployment across any geography
• Cryptographically protected against counterfeiting and hacking
• Can be used at any part of the consumer journey – pre and post purchase
• High shelf life – lasting as long as the product packaging exists
• Instant feedback to consumers, with potential to unlock rewards

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