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Ennoventure launches a unique solution to track and crack counterfeits

A “killer” that needs protection from fakes

A toilet care revolution

The toilet care space in India has been one of the fastest-growing segments, keeping pace with the upward socio-economic movement of the populace in rural and semi-urban areas.

“Killer” feature

The space is occupied by brands that highlight their ability to ‘kill’ 99.9% of germs, while avoiding the harsh and unreliable abrasives and acids previously used by a majority of households to do their cleaning.

The gorilla in the toilet space

The leading brand in the toilet care space enjoys a 70% market share in in India, a feat quite rare in major business categories. Ennoventure deployed its patented solution for anti-counterfeit protection for the brand.


National mission

The segment has seen blazing growth during Covid, and a 13-14% growth in quarterly sales when the Indian government launched the Swachh Bharat project – constructing 100M new toilets in just 5 years.

Higher shelf life, higher risk

The higher shelf life of cleaning products meant that there could be massive penetration and backlogs created which would take years to detect and clean out. Unlike perishable products, the cleaning products would not be naturally replaced after a short expiry period.

Reaching 100M homes

In 2020 the leading brand in the space reached a record 100M homes, representing a 30M increase over 2019. is combination of massive base, and still growing market was a killer combination for the brand

Clean can still be deadly

The challenge with toilet care products was that it was not easy to detect a fake based on just the visible cleaning efficacy. The danger comes from the invisible damage – the germs that they don’t eradicate – and the illnesses to consumers from being exposed regularly to harmful chemicals.

The counterfeiters took notice

Counterfeiters knew that traditional cleaning was done using unbranded acids and abrasives that were ineffective and dangerous.

The market leader was leading a revolution to educate consumers that there were safe and effective products available. Counterfeiters saw this as an opportunity to have the cake and eat it too – deploy low quality solutions in fake packaging to get higher margins.


Ennoventure’s ‘killer’ solution

Ennoventure deployed its invisible cryptographic code on the brands packaging, to protect consumers from the devastating health risks from a fake product. Anyone could verify that the product was genuine, simply by taking a photo using an easily accessible web page.

Rural-ready solution by Ennoventure

The rural and semi-urban areas in India could easily use the solution enabled by Ennoventure due to the digital penetration. The technology was rural-ready. The webpage was easy to access and designed to work on a majority of smartphones.

National exposure

The toilet care brand popularised the Ennoventure solution by running primetime TV ads across the country, which had a massively popular Bollywood actor quickly explain how to verify if the product was genuine.

Protection at scale

Ennoventure’s cloud-based system was able to scale to manage the increase in consumer scans resulting from the TV campaigns.


  • Ennoventure’s solution helped the brand drive their mission to educate consumers across India, including rural areas about counterfeit products
  • The innovative solution was used to differentiate the brand messaging on national TV
  • The solution was permanently integrated into the packaging, helping verification and validation across the long shelf life of toilet care products – ensuring long term protection and tracking
  • The brand was able to get data on scan usage – giving them insights about areas in the country where people were more concerned and aware about counterfeit products from their portfolio
  • The technology gave the brand a solution that could be deployed across their workforce and supply chain without any additional investment, devices or training
  • The invisible cryptographic code deployed by Ennoventure stays alive even after the product is opened – and could protect the consumer at any stage in the buying or usage process.
  • The solution by Ennoventure could be used to test the sealed products in the supply chain without having to open the packaging – reducing the overhead of managing the chemicals,wastage and increasing the ease of randomised testing

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