Counterfeit goods are not subject to the regulatory standards and production norms that govern legitimate products. So, their consumption and usage can pose serious health and other risks. With counterfeit pharmaceuticals, the problem is even direr as many drugs will contain incorrect dosages of active ingredients or no active ingredient at all.


The biggest irony is that the end consumer is totally unaware of the danger. None of the existing technologies give the power in their hands. Not anymore.


Empowering the customers is the intuitive customer app – Vyu, from Ennoventure Inc.


It is a customer awareness tool that identifies whether the product is genuine or fake.


The customers would now need no scanners, optical readers or any such device to check the authenticity of a product. Any smartphone with data or Wi-Fi connectivity can be used to download the free Vyu app, and the customer is armed to check the veracity of the brands* they use.


*as long as the brands are subscribed to Ennoventure Inc. products

Key features

  • Any smartphone can be used
  • Free to download
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Gives result in seconds
  • Can be used for further brand engagement, if the brand uses Ennteract

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