Software Developer – Lead

Position ID: Position ID: P0045
Title: Software Developer – Lead
Reporting to: Project Manager
Function: Operations

Role Context:
Development and deployment of quality and efficient code with dedicated on time delivery.

Functional Context:
Team responsible to develop, deliver, deploy, and maintain new technologies and features.
Provide the cutting-edge technology and best in class support to achieve corporate strategy and goals.

Role Expectations:
» One should know the importance of fast and modular code with knowledge in data processing and automated reasoning.
» Develop, integrate test, and deliver code.
» Deploy code into test environments or production.
» Create and execute UT test cases.
» Ensure compliance with security and design principles of the company.
» Fixes defects in Production and provide support to testing and production issues.

Experience and Skills:
BE/B Tech or MCA

4-7 years of experience in a similar role

» Python programming language with flask frameworks/FastAPI.
» Having good coding skill with proficient in Data Structure and Algorithm
» Working knowledge on MySQL, Azure, Ubuntu, Windows, NGINX
» Automation using VBA and Python
» Working knowledge on Containerization and Orchestration
» Coding
» Data Structure and Algorithm
» Data preprocessing

Knowledge Areas:
» Knowledge of any Machine learning Library
» Machine Learning and Data preprocessing.

» Candidate should have excellent communication skills
» Candidate should have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
» Candidate should be a team player and should be able to work under dynamic conditions