In a global economy, products are designed at one location, manufactured at another, stored elsewhere, and sold everywhere. They pass through various countries, weather conditions, handling methods and storage situations, before finally arriving at the end consumers.


There are two major problems that arises due to these expansive and complex supply chains:

  • The bane of counterfeits
  • Logistics effect on products


Ennoventures launches Enntrack – a Blockchain and Geofencing based, fool-proof track-n-trace solution that provides real time updates and dashboards about the products’ movement. Creating e-pedigree across all touch points, it provides an integrated solution that is accessible to all stakeholders at all times.


It is a device agnostic anti-counterfeit tracking solution for the supply chain.

Key features

  • Real-time transparent data sharing among all supply chain stakeholders
  • Real-time updates and dashboards about global scans of counterfeit products
  • Global heat map of counterfeit regions
  • Real-time updates about parallel imports and stock movements
  • The data feed is continuous, validated, immutable and secure
  • No capex required
  • It improves compliance and assists in product recalls
  • It simplifies the process of searching for, acquiring, and gathering data across complex supply chains
  • It helps manufacturers and suppliers improve preventive maintenance, root cause analysis, service levels and product performance, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and creating customer loyalty

Key industries

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food suppliers
  • Medical device makers
  • Industrial manufacturers
  • Logistics service providers
  • All brands that use packaging

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