Revolutionary customer engagement solution that makes the packaging intelligent!


Packaging is the first tangible moment of truth with the brand for the consumer. It has evolved from protecting the contents to informing the consumers to influencing buying behaviour.


Now, take a big leap with – Ennteract



It is an interactive brand engagement tool that enhances sales and interaction with consumers


Ennteract embedded packaging takes the brands digital, allowing them to store a greater amount of information on package labelling, and displaying it in a multimedia formats.Ennteract makes packaging engaging and delightful brand experience, driving brand perception and enhancing brand loyalty.

Key features

  • No process disruptions in the production line 
  • No change in designs or artworks 
  • No additional space needed for printing security element  
  • No visible change, as completely invisible encryption on all sides of the pack 
  • No external dependence, brands can continue with their existing printing companies 
  • No need of special inks or printers 
  • No need of specialised scanners for augmented reality experience 

How it can help

Encourage brand engagement and maximise cash out of pocket


Shoppers can scan any side of the packaging to unlock exclusive and curated content. They may find more details about their favourite product, read peer-to-peer ratings and reviews, explore the wider collection and view tutorial or informative videos, etc



Drive brand campaigns and social sharing, increasing the brand value


We can make every moment of truth into an immersive and educational experience for kids. The packaging may transform into an interactive one with games that can test a range of skills – hand-eye coordination, maths, science, etc., through interactive AR.



Drive frequency and repeat purchase


We can turn packaging into an interactive channel that may unlock new content every time they scan the product. It can be a contest, a promotional feature, etc., that leads to vouchers/discount coupons instantly to drive frequency



Improved and efficient customer support


Using the AR overlay on top of the physical device/product, customers can launch virtual demonstrations straight from their devices. They may use it for installing different parts, understanding effective usage of functionalities, and even connect with social media handles of brands.

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