Trust made simple.

Key to effective brand protection

Add invisible cryptographic signatures on your packaging – with no process change, special ink, or machinery.
Use cases

How it works

How we integrate an invisible signature with no process change


You share your artwork with us.


We add our invisible signature
to your artwork.


Your artwork is printed without
any process change.


Your products can be authenticated
using a smartphone.

Easy to deploy and use,
Impossible to crack.

Verify the signature in seconds with a smartphone.


Invisible signature makes it impossible to replicate.


Generate an invisible signature for your product packaging in 48 hours.

in a snap

Consumers can easily authenticate your product, with just a scan
Zero change to your production process, printing, or ink
Track verification scans globally

Analytics, API and App
An end-to-end solution

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This Changes Everything Except your Production process

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2 Billion

Packages on the market carry our invisible signatures.

100 M

Our clients include brands that reach 100 M households.

Innovation in every inch

Add protection to the full package.
Our invisible code can drive visible change in sustainability.

“Cryptographic code embedded into the packaging makes counterfeiting impossible”

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The team behind
your brands invisible shield

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Add the power of our invisible crypto-signatures to your product packaging - driving consumer trust and experience.