Counterfeits is a global problem with enormous economic and social costs. It causes huge losses to genuine businesses and impacts many stakeholders, especially the final consumers.

Ennoventure introduces Enncrypto, a process and device agnostic brand protection solution that can authenticate products using Mobile App & WhatsApp Patented future proof technology using AI, Cryptography and Blockchain.

Revolutionary customer engagement solution that makes the packaging intelligent!

Packaging is the first tangible moment of truth with the brand for the consumer. It has evolved from protecting the contents to informing the consumers to influencing buying behaviour.

Now, take a big leap with – Ennteract.

Blockchain based track and trace solution that tracks products real time. 

  • Real-time updates and dashboards about global scans of counterfeit products. 
  • Block-chain module for creating e-pedigree across all touch points. 
  • Global heatmap of counterfeit regions. 
  • Real-time updates about parallel imports and stock movements. 

Counterfeit goods are not subject to the regulatory standards and production norms that govern legitimate products. So, their consumption and usage can pose serious health and other risks. With counterfeit – pharmaceuticals, the problem is even direr as many drugs will contain incorrect dosages of active ingredients or no active ingredient at all.

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