Counterfeiting is a global problem with enormous economic and social repercussions. It causes huge losses to genuine businesses and impacts many stakeholders throughout the supply chain, especially the final consumer.


Ennoventure introduces Enncrypto, a simple easy-to-use solution using a versatile smartphone app to track and authenticate brands.  Incorporating patented future proof technology using AI, Cryptography and Blockchain.


It is a universal brand protection and authentication solution.


Plug and Play SaaS with no CAPEX, that can be deployed in the company within a few hours. It involves an invisible or covert watermark application to cartons, leaflets, labels, blister packs and any other packaging material, using regular visible ink and standard printing processes followed in the industry

Key features

  • No process disruptions in the production line 
  • No change in designs or artworks 
  • No additional space needed for encoding  
  • No external dependence, brands can continue with their existing printing companies 
  • No need of special inks or printers 
  • No need of specialised scanners for authentication 

How it works

  • Brands upload their artwork to our cloud-based platform
  • Brands decide what information to encrypt
  • Our patented covert technology is then applied across the artwork at  pixel level without any change to design or colour
  • Encoded artwork can be downloaded by the brand’s existing printing company
  • Printing companies can start printing the encoded artwork as they would print the normal artwork
  • Once the encoded packages reaches the market; brands, and all the stakeholders in the value chain can use the ‘Vyu’ app on any smartphone to validate the authenticity of the product

Multiple use cases

Brand Protection


  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • FMCG companies
  • Spare parts companies
  • Personal care and beauty products
  • Food packaging
  • All brands that use packaging

Document Authentication

  • Digital
    • E-certificates
    • Digital documents
  • Physical
    • Certificates
    • Cheques
    • Legal documents

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